In Between: Deconstructing an Identity - Installation by © Alessandra Santos
In Between: Deconstructing an Identity

5 Panel

Size: 18” x 24” per panel
Media: Photography
Date: 2016

In her piece, In Between: Deconstructing an Identity, Santos engages in a sensual exploration of the aspects that come together to define us as a person. It is common that people use their careers as a major defining factor of whom they are and their worth.  By taking her suits, a common symbol of the corporate, and deconstructing them, Santos reveals the true nature of that which once was manufactured:  the suits stand as simple pieces of cloth and the corporate identity dissolves along with the disintegration of the corporate symbol.  This piece is an invitation to the viewer to observe their own identities and inquire how certain parts have been manufactured by the parameters of our culture and society. The piece is also a challenge to the viewer as it is testament of the ability to transform.